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Cartier Precious Garage, NYC


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the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion from September 7th until September 26th to experience the Precious Garage on Floor 3.

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Juste Un Clou

Bold, Independent Sprit of New York

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Fifth Avenue Mansion

I’m doing some shopping for myself while enjoying the party…

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The Tank Francaise Ring

white gold with diamond

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Taking a short break from shopping…

More champaign and Hors de’Oeuvres please!

It was a stormy evening when Cartier kicked off the New York Fashion Week on 9/6, but the weather didn’t stop a great party. Held at the iconic jewelry brand's NYC Mansion on Fifth Avenue, Cartier's celebration was for the newest additions to their Juste un Clou and Écrou de Cartier collections through a multi-room experience shop they are calling Precious Garage. President and CEO of Cartier North America, Mercedes Abramo told WWD, "The Precious Garage by Cartier, our first-ever traveling pop-up experience, will journey to culturally rich cities across the country and engage with diverse, new audiences."

Flanked by an army of jumpsuit-clad gents, guests, including Zoe Saldana, Justin Theroux, Armie Hammer, Sofia Coppola and Lily Collins, made their way into the flagship boutique, which had been reimagined into a luxe car garage complete with a lifesize gold wire-framed car, black oil cans and black and gold-painted engine parts, wheels and fenders. In between sets by the evening’s special performer Lykke Li, guests were also given the chance to browse the latest additions to the nut, bolt and nail-inspired collections, including a range of slimmer, more flexible iterations, as well as earrings and rings rendered in both rose and yellow gold.

Cartier established several signature styles over the decades, but the Juste un Clou stayed especially relevant over time because of its minimalist, androgynous style and versatility, which appealed to both men and women. The designer said (from the Cartier archives): “My jewelry is both functional and touchable, sleek and warm. It can be worn 24 hours a day without any problems in change of clothes.” It’s exactly these characteristics of the design that captured my heart. I love stacking the love and juste un clou bracelets together and wear an extra thin trinity band as my wedding band. They look good stacked together or as a stand alone piece. I don’t need to change jewelries for my outfits because these pieces never seemed out of place…

It’s funny how I never wrote about Cartier jewelry while I worked there 6 years ago (I started blogging about 8 years ago). I guess I had put my heart and soul into my work that I forgot about anything else. Jokes aside, it was truly an enriching experience working for Cariter, I still got many great stories to share til these days. It’s only natural that I felt the urge to share my knowledge from time to time after all the extensive training on the history of the brand and its fine jewelries and watches . But I’m also afraid to bore you with the excessive details. So, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the Cartier pieces!

Nevertheless, what a perfect way to end the night with mini burgers and fries!

As I’m about to finish typing, the quote “luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury” come to my head. It must have been the comfort food at the end…

photo by: Lisa Zhu

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