{Travel} Summer in Los Cabos
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Summer Getaway

6 essential pieces for your summer vacation

-The Shopping Bag

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Day 1

Many ways of wear this versatile embroidered Floral Tunic Dres.

Arriving at the destination, wear it as a top over jeans.


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Day 2

Woke up feeling rejuvenated the next day and ready to go to the pool. 

Wear the dress as a cover up

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Day 3 

Swing-tassel co-cords & the ultimate summery color

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Azalea White Flower Studs

Azalea Flower Studs

Hi people! I know I haven't been updating my blog for a long while now, a lot had happened in the past couple of months and I was too busy dealing with business to keep up with the blog! Thank god, summer is here, the whole universe seemed to have slowed down. I figured I needed to give myself a break, so, I booked a last minute ticket to Los Cabos, Mexico and spent 3 nights at The Cape, A Thompson Hotel. It was truly relaxing, I didn't plan much, except to wake up whenever I wanted, had breakfast in bed, spent a few precious hours at the spa and yoga, drank tons of my favorite michelada, indulged in some really amazing food (that's why I picked the hotel, they are known for its A-M-A-Z-I-N-G french toast and restaurant Manta by Enrique Olvera is in my opinion, better than Cosme here in NYC) I arrived at the hotel looking like a zombie (thanks to 7 am flight and a 4 am alarm), leaving like a new person with that perfect glow. 

I packed really light this time thanks to the versatile and stunning summery pieces. The Embroidered Floral Tunic Dress is such a winner. I can literally throw it on any time when on vacation. It gives that cool & chic vibe when I style it with a pair of jeans and heels. And as a cover-up over my swimsuit for lounging on the terrace and when I leave the room to the beach, the pool, on a yacht and it even works for a fancy dinner that requires resort chic wardrobe! The fit and quality of the dress are impeccable: the cotton material is thin, so it's breathable,  the delicate floral hand-embroidery and trimmed in lace!  I brought a pair of sandals for casual styling and a pair of heels for any dressy events. Accessories added that final touch to the summery look: I wore a pair of big white flower studs and a super light pink circle bag (where it fits my Canon 6D camera and many other little things!) I also wear it here

I think as I get older, I came to appreciate these type of short spontaneous trip more so than a long and well-planned vacation. Because I don't have a regular work schedule, to plan something months ahead is not realistic for me as I had been canceling trips that I planned months ahead due to last minute conflict of schedule. What's your go to getaway destination? 

As a professional blogger, I pursue fashion trends from New York city, to the edge of the world. Feel free to send candy.