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This month is all about celebrations! It's the time of the year when I look forward to dressing up and catch up with friends over dinner and wines!

And about dressing up for the important holiday...

I remembered wearing sequins mini dress to NYE parties on a cold winter day, wanted to 'dress to impress' in my early 20s. Then I wear midi sequins dress to parties in my late twenties to still want to be the "shiny one." I couldn't help but rely on sparkly fabrics to help me shine. I actually thought I need to dress in such way to show some holiday spirits at the time.

Then, I turned 30. 

I prefer my party outfits to be neutral with beautiful details here and there. I prefer satin over sequins, loose fit over bodycon dresses, and elegant jewelry over fashion jewelry. So, when Maggie introduced me to her jewelry line, it felt like it's the right jewelry happen at the right time for me. Her design is delicate and romantic with a modern twist on the vintage style. To my surprise, they added clip-on earrings to the new collection. The ornate and elegant design really helped to complete my holiday outfits! Maggie Wu studio also makes beautiful bridal headpieces! Don't forget to check it out! 


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