{Outfits} Mad Men Retro Style

{Outfits} Mad Men Retro Style

I know, I know. I'm SO behind on this trend, but Mad Men is SO good.  Lately, I've finally been catching up with Season 3 and have been obsessed with it's styling and wardrobe.  Just like Sex and the City or Gossip Girl, fashion has played an indelible part to Mad Men--particularly for the women on the show.  Plus, I've always had a sweet spot for 60's fashion, so this entire show is basically eye candy!

The 50's and 60's dress shapes were all about femininity and there is nothing more feminine than the hourglass silhouette that many dresses of that period accentuated.

Using the proper shape wear and undergarments is the easiest way to create the silhouette you're going for. Waist-nippers can create that sexy hourglass shape while push-up bras like Maidenform's Ultimate Push-Up Bra can add up to 2 cup sizes for an even more voluptuous look.

pearl accessories.jpg

While sizing is everything, the top 3 tips on adding a retro 60s edge to outfits are:

1.Layers of pearl necklaces worn with a dramatic brooch. 

2.Dresses that accentuate the waist with a full volume skirt for parties or paired with pencil skirt for office

3. Printed scarf, red lips, and a pillbox hat. 

Copy Edit:  Cathy Chang

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