{NYC Places} How To: Daytime Excursions-MoMa

{NYC Places} How To: Daytime Excursions-MoMa

One of the greatest perks of living in NYC has to be the city’s expansive and beautiful museum sites.  Always filled with the most gorgeous pieces and constantly curating new works, they are a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of New York.  One of my favorite museums, MOMA, is currently showing Isaac Julien’s “Ten Thousand Waves” and Isa Genzken’s “Retrospective.”  Both are installations and evoke such strong emotions - if you’re in the city, you have to go check it out! 

Photo by: Victor Kung 

On my most recent visit, I went a path less travelled by, and ended up finding new hidden gems like this sculpture garden.  The funny thing is, I had always seen and admired the garden from inside the building but never made the connection to step out and explore.  But something felt different this time and I decided to take the leap and made the best decision ever!  These clean lines and gradient shades create a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot, don’t you think?

For this museum trip, I chose a classic full-volume skirt paired with a leather and lace cardigan.  It’s a perfect blend of classic and modern - I’d call it my “nerdy-chic” look.  By choosing pieces that play with different layers and shape, I wanted to match the feel of the museum. And, the practical side of me, worked with more layers because the temperatures can vary so dramatically during this crazy polar vortex. 

Copy Edit by: Cathy Chang

Have you visited The Modern yet? The Modern's dinning room was recently recognized with Three Stars from the New York Times. You can overlook the sculpture garden from your table! 

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