{Outfits} Bright Winter Accessaries

 In preparation for "Hurricane Hercules," NYC has been absolutely covered with snow.  Despite the below freezing temperatures, I am still in a good mood!! To show-off my happy-go-lucky attitude, I have been leaning towards bright and lively accessories as a way to liven up my outfits.   Using Manhattan's beautiful and glamorous white backdrop, I tend to choose bright reds and cheery blues to change-up my usual uniform of black and greys. 

Photo by: Ray Xu

 Most people will choose dark, neutral colors to stay warm. But I say, why waste a dreamy white backdrop like freshly fallen snow? Instead, I embrace  the cold and loving my accessories even more. In order to keep things fresh, I love a brightly patterned scarf or bold red purse to make a statement. Despite the frozen temperatures, be sure to keep your stylish self colorful and accessorize!

It's Cold today, Stay Warm! 

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