{Travel} Upstate New York, Garrison
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I posted a few photos of this airbnb stay on my Instagram a year ago and got lots of DM asking about it, so I thought I’d share more photos and a link for booking!


Custom designed luxurious country home

Garrison, New York

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This house embodies everything we love about a vacation home: it’s modern and has the up-to-date technologies and amenities throughout the house, like Apple TV, Nest Thermostat, automated curtains and a state of art kitchen! The house is designed to have all windows facing the 7 acre “backyard,” so you get that true away from the city vibe without sacrificing the comfort of a modern and practical home.

We enjoyed the house so much that we didn’t care going out much. There is not much going on in Garrison, but a cute neighboring town Cold Spring has a cute downtown area that’s packed with restaurants and boutiques!

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