{Travel} Architectural wonder in the woods
photo credit: Paul Warchol

photo credit: Paul Warchol

It was love at first sight when I saw this getaway house designed by Steven Holl. Just 2 hours away from Manhattan, you can find this architectural wonder in the woods. The house is filled with geometric shapes and raw edges yet fully equipped with advanced kitchen gears and heated floors. The house is an open plan, and though it has zero bedrooms, it can sleep five! Though the house is conceptual and minimal, it has a rustic firepit in the house that burns using woods. I tend to like things that seemed contracting to each other such as I prefer a city living yet often crave for a getaway to the woods. I also like a good mix of modern and vintage. All and all it's quite difficult to find a "perfect" location due to my bipolar preferences on styles. But, this place has everything I love! I highly recommend this place to you, if you fit the description above. 

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