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This blog post is about my journey with Chelsea & Walker. It takes me more than 6 months to finish composing it because I had been wearing the pieces in many real occasions and each occasion with very little photos. So I thought, it might be a good idea to wait for a more comprehensive review once I REALLY tested out the pieces. 

Pieces from Chelsea and Walker are photogenic, but if you see it in person, you will be amazed at the number of details that went into each piece. I remembered asking Kristen and Tony when I visited the showroom, " how much do you charge for this?" I thought they undercharge for the type of materials and design details that went into the garments. Layers of appliques can be found on some pieces that can easily to be done with only one "printed" layer which I have seen so many others do to save costs. I especially love their dressy tops. I actually found it difficult to buy a versatile yet unique top. Most professional tops are minimalistic and practical for a good reason. But sometimes I just need something more, that I can throw on with either a pair of jeans or pair of trousers for a polished look. And I think Chelsea and Walker did such an amazing in fulfilling this category! 

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This was an event I attended for Linked Jewelry's trunk show at Bloomingdales. It was a pleasant surprise to see my photos in their advertising Brochure! I was truly thankful to have the opportunity to work with such sentimental and meaning jewelry line. I wanted to look elegant but also casual for the event at the upper east side location on the weekend. The DAX BOW BLOUSE from CW is just perfect for it! The top is dressy with lovely lace details and a bold bow tie! I styled it with a pair white jeans to create a more casual look. The overall white on white outfit gives it a casual yet polished vibe.  

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I wore this beautiful mesh top to an art gallery in the fall season last year.

photo by: Jason Liu

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I wore this Huberto blouse often when I visited home in LA for the past holiday season. It's lightweight and dreamy, I have gotten so many compliments whenever I wore it to a holiday gathering! I wore it with jeans for a casual chic look on the weekend and styled it with a pair of black trouser for client meetings. 

chelsea and walker HUBERTO BLOUSE 3.jpg
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I love wearing this top on the weekend, especially for brunch. This top is very delicate with a hint of French lingerie. It made me felt like I just roll out of bed when I met up with my girlfriends over brunch, I feel very feminine in it. 


Last but not least, the RED dress! I don't think they are selling this dress on the website, but I was lucky enough to try on when I saw it in the showroom last year! This is just a perfect red dress for any special occasions. The red is so on point, and I like how easy the dress is to put on and it flows like a dream... Maybe for a fancy night out for the upcoming Valentine's Day? 

photo credit: Afra Lu

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