{Outfit} The Warmest Winter Coats
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For all my East coast fashionista friends, did you find it difficult to dress for a brutally cold winter? It's hard to stay warm outdoors, but it's even harder to dress just right for the indoor because next minute you know, you will be striping layers due to the heater... My usual winter layers include a heat tech, a thick sweater or cashmere sweater, and a lightweight cashmere coat. This worked out fine for the past couple of years until recently I got tired of striping indoors where it's too hot to wear a sweater. My solution for that is to wear only one thin top underneath and a really warm coat. I found this Agnuea Lamb fur coat from Intuition Paris and was amazed at how warm it is! I can truly walk in a below 30F weather with only a white t-shirt underneath this coat.

Winter accessories are so important. A cold-weather essential, Ganni’s Masha Texas Boots effortlessly elevates cold weather basics. Lace-up ankle boots feature leather and suede panels, Sherpa fur lining and platform sole. That's my new go-to winter boots for the weekend and a ski trip! 

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It looks too bulky with a wool scarf, a small square silk scarf works for outfits like this. The ring handle bag is paired with rainbow studded cross body strap, so your hands can stay in the pockets for all time! 

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