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The spring Jacket 


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Spring breathes new life into the world around us. 

I work in marketing and client facing is a big part of my job. And sometimes I feel like dressing up for the job is the job! I always put on a St. John Knits jacket whenever I need that extra boost of confidence because it's always sophisticated and elegant. To me, St.John Knits is the go-to jacket destination. The design is understatedly classy yet when you look closer,  you can see all the refined details and craftsmanship. This Adriana Multi Tweed Double Breast Jacket from their spring 2018 collection is exactly that! The colors and the detailed knit reflects elements of spring, the multi tweed fabric feels luxurious, especially with the silk piping. I like how it gives a refreshing vibe to an otherwise traditional fit jacket. I used to get the slim fit jacket from St.John Knits. But I like how this almost A-line jacket provides a relaxed fit, so I don't look oh-so-serious all the time.

Here I paired the jacket with a Stretch Nappa Leather Skirt and a Flat Rib Knit Mock Neck Sweater from the New Standard Collection. The leather skirt is shorter than what I normally wear to work, but when pairing it back with a mock neck sweater, it feels chic. The mint colored tweed jacket transformed the black chic outfit into a polished office look. I have the jacket on from 9-5 and take it off when I'm catching up with friends over happy hour or a casual dinner! 

I take my lunch break outdoors in the springtime in the city because I want to be with the plants, feel the cool breeze and inhale the fresh airs. The high line is my usual spot during the weekdays when there is less touristy. I walked through the high line in this super comfortable outfit and totally embracing the spring! 

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