{Outfits} My White Valentine

{Outfits} My White Valentine

This Valentine’s day, my boyfriend and I decided to take a winter getaway trip to Jackson Hole, WY with a motley crew of our friends.  We flew in a few days ago and have been completely enamored by the pure, glistening snow and breathtaking views.  


Despite the freezing temperatures and chilly backdrop, I still wanted to remain cute and glamorous for my beau and decided to bring a few special “V-Day outfits” along.  Ranging from day to night, I wanted to play up these great Alice Yim pieces I picked up back in the city - right before NYFW - and experimented in the spacious and traditional lodge we’re staying at.


Beginning with Valentine’s day morning, I chose this cute romper piece with cut-outs that I felt conveyed a sense of whimsy and fun to our setting.  The purple pops really well against the rich, warm colors that fills the lodge and makes a great “breakfast-in-bed” type outfit.  I felt really cosy and sweet while sipping my hot coffee by the windowsill.  For the day time, this red lace number really pops against the snow.  It works great for a special occasion like Valentine’s day but also helps accentuate your body and keep the eyes engaged (;  I had some fun with these sunnies and playful boots—the snow here is so powdery!

Once the sun has set, and playtime is over, it’s time to get dark and seductive.  That’s where I would pull out some leather pieces that pump up the sex appeal.  Something like this two-tone skirt and lace outfit hints at curves and bits of skin to suggest for more fun later… Since it is so dark, I chose to accessorize with silver and gold accents so I can remain girly but sexy at the same time.  

Another option, is the long maxi dress that I paired with a white leather jacket.  A long dress is also ideal for Valentine’s Day Date night as it elongates your body plus, the movement hints at something more.  

There are so many fun ways to play up this special occasion.  Rather than stressing over how to look your best, I think it’s more relaxing and exciting to go for simple basics like the items I chose.  After all, the best accessory is a beautiful smile so don’t fret too much and enjoy your night out with someone you love!

photo and copy edit by: Cathy Chang 


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