{Outfits} Bow and Bow tie

{Outfits} Bow and Bow tie
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I love this particular sheath because of the added details like its open back and beautiful bow.  I think it’s a great piece for special occasions like a date night, an opera show opening, or even to dress to impress at a cocktail party or happy hour after work.  It’s such a versatile piece and really adds a bit of character to your standard LBD.

Photo & Copy Edit by: Cathy Chang 

The fabric is also forgiving and form-fitting at the same time.  It stretches and hugs you in all the right places, if you know what I mean, ladies!  Since it’s so moldable, this type of dress fits all kinds of body types and still looks great on everybody.  You can’t ever go wrong with a classic, feminine, well-tailored dress that has unique but subtle details.

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