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“Shanghai Baroque” is the latest collection from the design house of Taoray Wang, the namesake brand of designer Wang Tao.  It will be debuted at New York Fashion Week on 9th September.

Wang Tao has embraced this blurring of time and culture, the ornate details of the baroque balanced with the sophisticated tailoring that is the signature house style.  Eastern influence on cut and pattern historically underpinned baroque fashion, this still holds true but now also combined with luxurious minimalism to heighten the impact of the collection’s motifs.

Delicate lace collars, swooping bell sleeves embellished further with fringing, multi-layered shirtdresses combined with body-hugging skirts, the elements combining in unexpected ways to create edgy, striking looks.  Opposing elements find surprising harmonies, bridging the historic and modern, masculine and feminine, east and west in iconic, natural and curving silhouettes.

The suggestion of a masculine power suit is delicately balanced with the feminine line of exaggerated flares, the opulence provided with a flirtation of lace.  The looks are powerful, paradoxical and captivating.  She is confident, avant-garde, feminine, and gracious. 

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My favorite looks:

I love to style my looks with big belts. These pleated corsets were surprisingly versatile, Tao did a good job styling it with masculine pantsuits for a feminine touch, and also adds structures to a sexy mini skirt.  

Outside of the new destination for New York Fashion Week, Skylight Clarkson Sq New York City 

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I have a major crush over Johanna Ortiz for a while now, the design is fun, chic and luxurious! However, finding an appropriate occasion to wear them could be tough since it is full of drama. New York fashion week is a perfect occasion for bold designs and creative styling. I picked this poplin top and paired it with a light washed ankle jeans for fun yet casual look.

Johanna Ortiz rises to fame can be attributed to her iconic off-the-shoulder silhouette and bell sleeves. 

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photo by: Kuo Huang

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