{Outfits} Marissa Webb by IfChic
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What's your style? Did you figure out what style works best for you?

I tried to answer these questions for quite some times now and I found them difficult to answer. The bottom line is, I like trying new things and appreciative of different looks. And since I'm a petite girl, I tend to look for clothes that embellish my body shape first. But other than practical reasons, developing a distinctive personal style seems to be the hard thing to do. Due to the nature of my early career, I developed a taste for polished style for suits, jackets, and pencil skirts for work. But we all know, as refined as the corporate look can be (think Jessica Pearson from the Suit), it still lacks that touch of excitement and personality. Now that I'm working in a completely creative environment with no restrictions, I can be anything I want. This forces me to really think about what style works best for me vs. what style do I like the most. You know how sometimes what you like don't always work the best on you? 

The answer is a chic style. Chic derives from the French word 'chique' which means skills and elegance - and over the past few decades it has been used to refer to a woman as smart and stylish. I found myself attracted to a chic style the most. It's an effortless style I look for in a stylish woman, who knows how to dress to her advantage with confidence. It's not an easy style to master, but when you master it you must have found the secret ingredients to be more confident. 

And I found this online shop that does such a good job curating brands that are chic. It saves me time from endless browsing online! If you like a chic style like I do, you should check them out: Ifchic.com

Photo by: Kuo Heng Huang

Marissa Webb's design to me is effortless. Focusing on what she feels women would like to wear during everyday activities and events, Webb’s creations blend feminine shapes with controlled masculinity. Her style philosophy of complementary contradictions emphasizes shape, fit, and the female outline. I found the fit of this high waist midi skirt spectacular. Most of the high waist skirt rely on the belt or tie to create a narrow-waisted silhouette, but this one is constructed to be such with a zipper. So I can either tie it with a belt for more embellishment or just lose it completely. The A-line full skirt provides 100% mobility. 

marrisa webb midid skirt ifchic tcurate.JPG

Skirt: Marrisa Webb (here), Sweater: Paul Ce Cin (here), Strip top: JCrew (old) Booties (old item but similar here, here, and here) Bag: Ms.Little's Bag

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