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This is my first time reviewing a skin care product on my blog! Lots of my friends have asked me to write about beauty products I used, but I didn't feel the need to do so because I think everyone's skin is so different, what works for me probably don't work on other people. For instance, I remember this one time I told a friend that I use the water prove liquid eye liner from Mac, and she bought one, but it smeared on her in the middle of the day because she has oily skin while I have combination skin. Therefore, I have to be very careful of what I recommend to people. 

But I was intrigued when Peach & Lily reached out to me for a #onesizefitsone campaign for my own custom-designed skin inc serum! I thought this is a great idea for everyone's different skin type and needs.

I first completed a comprehensive questionnaire regarding to my skin. Then they picked out three different serums that will improve my skin's concerns. My skin is very thin and it gets dehydrated easily due to my frequent traveling schedules. And also noticed some fine lines around my eys and lips. The ones they sent me are: Hyaluronic Acid serum, collagen serum, and coenzyme Q10 serum. They came in 3 small bottles and one big empty bottle. I need to pour all three serums into one bottle and mix them, so that every drop will contain all 3 ingredients. 

They have no scent and not sticky. After rubbing few drops of the mixed serum on your palm, lightly pat them onto your face, let it absorb a little before applying moisturizer. 

After using it for a month, I think my skin is more hydrated and has a natural glow. I would really recommend this product to people who has dry skin and constantly looking for a good moisturizer. Personally, I use Fresh, and Amore Pacific moisturizer, but I need to reapply in the middle of the day to keep my skin hydrated. But after using this serum. I only need to keep my skin care routine to one time in the morning and one time before I go to bed. And the makeup sticks on for longer and prettier when your skin is good! 

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