{Outfits} Wear the Graphic Prints Trend

{Outfits} Wear the Graphic Prints Trend
With Heels or Flats?

With Heels or Flats?

I was not a fan of graphic prints, but people change, especially in fashion. And I realized that I didn't like it because I had never even tried them on! And of course, I THOUGHT they won't look good on me. Sigh. speaking of how stubborn a person can be. To my surprise, when you play it right, the graphic prints can actually embellish you body to make you look slimmer and taller. 

I picked this skirt, because I am obsessed with the length, print, and fit. It allows me to dress up or down simply by paring with either flats or heels. 


Why this skirt works:

1. The abstract prints are in both light and dark shades, the way they position the shades balance out your lower half, so that gives your hip the right curve and slim down your legs. 

2. I was afraid of the midi length before because I'm quite petite. But quite the opposite, they elongate, especially if you think you have a bigger thighs or not happy about your legs. 

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