Fall Dress

I can always find something new to say about why I love New York, especially this time of year; it's the perfect temperature to walk around the city in golden sunlight.  As the temperature is cooling down in NYC, I can dress up by layering with different colors and textures. I like fall dresses with heavier fabric, fitted silhouette, and darker shades of colors. And this classy black midi dress satisfy all my needs in one dress. 

Pro: Good for girls with heavier bottom, and help creating a skinnier waist . Also good for girl's with longer torso.  The proportion of this dress elongates your legs and shorter waist.  

Con:  I don't recommend this to girls who has bigger arms. The irregular shape above the chest area is not flattering as it will show "extra" fat. 

Photo by: Alex Contell 

This pink bow heels are sooo adorable paring with black outfits, it softens the whole look in an instant, and super ladylike. It's definitely a nice touch. 

Are you ready to fall for the fall fashion? 

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