{Travel} China-Bei Jing, Gu Gong

{Travel} China-Bei Jing, Gu Gong
China-BJ Gu Gong

It's my first time visiting Beijing after all these years. I don't know why it took me so long... but I have to say, I am pretty impressed by all the famous landmarks, especially Gu Gong. I knew it's a pretty Big place, but didn't know it will take me a whole day to only see 1/3 of it. I was glad that I checked out an audio guide and listened to the stories of each building as I walked by them. The history is fascinating! During the time I stayed in Beijing, I enjoyed wearing the modernized Tang dynasty style clothes (traditional Chinese wear, like the one I'm wearing) the whole time. 

过了这么多年,还是第一次去北京。也许是年龄的关系吧,现在对历史有了新的兴趣。在逛故宫的时候去租了一个讲读机,每到一个景点都会自动开始介绍每个建筑的历史来由,我也乐此不彼的走走听听。跟我同行的男朋友妈妈在吃饭的时候跟我说了《甄嬛馔》说的就是后宫的故事,想看看是不是真的有像剧情里说的院子。于是我们逛的时候就多留意了一下。有些还是真的存在的。于是我回美国以后也开始看《甄嬛馔》了。 挺好看的。  这次我只逛了故宫的1/3,因为下午5:30就要关门了,留给下次吧。 说来也奇怪,在故宫的时候会情不自禁的觉得自豪自己时中国人。

在北京呆的这些日子, 我特别喜欢穿改良过的唐服。在南锣古巷买了好一些呢!之前一个朋友跟我说现在中国很流行《花生记》唐装时,我就觉得好看。终于,我也过了一把瘾!

It's so rare to have so little people in Gu Gong. It's always jam packed! Lucky me :D 

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