{Outfit} Desk to Dinner Sweaters
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Army Multi Sweater

I am looking for unique sweaters that I can wear form my desk to dinner and these two caught my attention. I normally invest in high-quality pieces in neutral, solid colors so I can style them with pretty much anything. But then I figured all my winter coats are pretty much in neutral colors too, it would be fun to break up with the same old color blocking outfits to something new and fresh. Instead of just bold colors, I looked for interested cuts and shape that will still make an outfit chic. 

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As you all know, spring in New York is kinda crazy. It snowed, rained, and 78-degree weather all happened in one week (I don't think this is normal, it's way too extreme year, I can taste the global warming.) Anyways, I layered with Uniqlo basics, such as the ultralight down vest and trench coat had kept me warm on a rainy day. 

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Cape Sweater


This all-black ensemble carries me from office to dinner, it's one of that rare piece that seems appropriate for many occasions. A quick stop at the Marianne Boesky gallery before my dinner in Chelsea. 

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