A perfect Friday

I will try not to sound overly sentimental for this post :)

It has been a stressful but productive couple of years trying to live life to its fullest. Every step was planned and after a while it can be tiring to say the least. A spontaneous day like day is quite rare. 

I got out early after a photo shoot on Friday. Instead of going home right away (which I normally do), I decided to explore the neighborhood, which I have visited many time and  thought I have seen it all. Thanks to the weather, I was in a good mood to begin with! Checking out small shops one after another in lower east side on a quiet and warm Friday afternoon was priceless. The area looked so different before the drinking crowds rolled in. I suddenly noticed the art galleries on the streets I often walked, and all the amazing interior designs that seemed to disappeared at night. 

I walked into a dessert place called Sweet Buttons by myself because I saw a bright corner with greeneries and whimsical polka dots on the wall. Eating alone in an afternoon is OK right? So I did.  And I normally wouldn't ask the cashier to snap a photo for me, but I did. Then, I got a call from my husband who finished work unexpected early and joined me because I'm out in the area anyway...We used to walk and talk endlessly when walking randomly in the city. And it was that kind of day today, it felt nostalgic and I was happy. We stopped by Trappizino for some Suppli and people watch. 

Top and pants: Zara, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Bag: Ms.Little's Bag, Sunglasses: Chanel

Our random exploration almost always ends with the thought of going to a sushi place for dinner, especially when we are in downtown. I had fond memories of Cagen, and we tried to walk in a couple of times before, but obviously it's quite impossible (need to reserve at least 3 days in advance) . But I thought it doesn't hurt to try again anyways. It was 5:30pm when we walked over from lower east side to east village, and thought we might have a better chance to get a seat at the sushi bar since we were so early. They were not even open by the time we stood in front of the restaurant. Simon was like, ok, let's try another sushi spot down the street. But I said, "let's call them." To our surprise, they opened the door and welcomed us in. The hostess told us they were making rice and would take 15 minutes. We didn't mind at all, especially with sake!  We were the only customer there for the entire omakase meal. Best meal ever :D

Fresh Wasabi is definitely my favorite! 

There were photos of the fishes as study aid >.<

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's luck, maybe it's being spontaneous in life. I think these "unplanned" factors are all the secret ingredients to a happy life.

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