{Outfit} Work and Play Appropriate

I have realized that I didn't post much of my everyday outfit, most of what have been posting were when I'm on vacation or on a special occasion in dresses. But I think posting real everyday outfit can be a real wardrobe solution for most of the busy ladies who want tips from other busy girl. I run around town a lot, not exactly an office lady, but because I see clients and meet new people on a daily basis, I am always looking for comfortable and chic outfits that composed high quality pieces. I invest in well tailored blazers, a few very well fitted jeans, and some comfortable and polished shoes. A simple, well crafted tote is always a must. If I'm meeting with younger crowd, I would wear a T-shirt or graphic T inside of a blazer and cut out jeans, but a simple silk blouse if I'm meeting with someone who's more senior. 

Another trick I use to change up the look is accessories: for creative events, I wear bold accessories such as a pair of statement earrings. They are always a conversation piece.

T-shirt: Iro, Blazer: St.John, Jeans: Joe's, Flats: Derek Lam, Bag: Ms.Little's Bag, Sunglasses: Karen Walker 

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