{Travel} Mount Snow, Vermont

It's ski season again, we went up to Vermont this past weekend after some generous snow fall, but unfortunately it's still quite icy up on the slope which made it slippery (hard to control speed and stopping) I definitely miss the powdery snow from Jackson Hole Mountain. Even though the skiing situation is less than perfect, we always enjoy a good time with our friends over fire and endless conversations due to the lack of receptions in the woods :D

It was freezing cold up in the mountain, I wrapped myself up with high quality pieces to ensure warmth. Surprisingly, a lightweight Moncler inner layer with a cashmere coat on top work well to keep out all the wind. A pair of tall rain boots are essential for the exploring in the woods. The accumulative snow literally came up to my knee when I stepped in it. 

hunter orginal tall boots.JPG

I like a hot toddy, Irish coffee, and pancakes for the cold weather! They are soul saving, you should try too! 

Am I ever going to be tired of playing with snow?

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