Cruising with Linked Jewelry

I spent some quality time with family on Carnival cruise to Mexico during the Christmas holiday! To me, cruise is for "lazy" people, you don't plan where to eat or where to play, the cruise has hourly activities planned for you on a daily basis, you can simply pick and choose what you want to do or nothing at all. And as most of you might know, day time is extremely casual, you can wear whatever you like. Night time is a dress up opportunity for lots of people because there is a formal dinner and 2 night clubs on board for 21 plus. Therefore, I packed for all occasions and styled my outfits with Linked Jewelries!  

1. White lace Co-cords with Love Who You Are Pendant Necklace & Like It Straight Up Charm bracelet 

2. An evening outfit with Two Hearts That Beats As One pendant Necklace 

3. A night time outfit for some real dancing with the Change is Good pendant necklace 

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