Denim-on-Denim Look Is Your Perfect Summer Uniform

Summer style is about one factor above all else: comfort. While we obviously take great strides to look as stylish as possible in the summer heat, when it really comes down to it, what we really want to be during the hotter months is comfortable. I like a chic denim-on-denim look: a loose fit off shoulder top paired with rip knee skinny jeans. It looks breathable and comfortable—something you could wear on the hottest of days and not want to die.

Oh, last but not least, I love this mini beige shoulder bag! It's also a cross body, and a clutch when you hide the shoulder strap. The size is perfect, it's compact but fits all essentials such as my cellphone, wallet, a makeup bags! I ended up getting all three colors of the same bag :P You can get it from 

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