{Travel} Real travel outfits ideas

We all travel in summer and I always over pack, I just can't decide my outfits days ahead. So, when I pack, I stick to the versatile pieces in hope of a lighter suit case. I failed miserably in the past, but I guess as you get older, you get wiser...or you just stop caring?

Anyways, this was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I don't get tired of Puerto Rico, I enjoyed spending a weekend there for local food and strolling down old San Juan. 

Tip #1: Light textile one piece romper or dress

This is for an "EASY" Trip, If I know my trip doesn't include hiking, I will basically count the days of stay, and bring one dress for each day.

Tip #2: versatile separates:

When on vacation, I mix beach wear with daily outfit, so I don't over pack. I find sheer tunic that can also be a cover-up for beach, or a bikini top that can also be worn as a bralette

Tip #3: Bring a backpack

I swear, I can explore and shop a lot more during vacation after I started wearing a backpack instead of a tote. They are life saver! I stuff so much in it and amazed by it's capacity to keep allowing more in it as I shopped. 

Shop This Look:

white sheer tunic: Helmut Lang

Shorts: Missoni 

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