{Product Review} A perfect Leather Tote

I went back to California last week for work/visiting family, and I have got to say it felt great to be home! I could finally laid on the bench in my backyard and fell asleep in the sun, getting all the Vitamin D my body needs. On the days with no meetings, I wore a simple one piece, like this loose fit denim shirt dress with sneaker and a simple yet functional tote bag. I especially love this one bag because: 

1. All my friends who saw this bag gave me compliments and almost all placed an order immediately 

2. It has a detachable big leather pouch for all your personal items that can also divides and organizes the interior space of the bag into 3 slots, which is very useful for a bigger size bag. Let's face it, all of us had some sort of digging experience with big bag finding that one little thing. 

3. It's durable and with such a good price!! 


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