{Outfit} How to wear Ripped Jeans

{Outfit} How to wear Ripped Jeans

#whowhatwear said it best, "Of all the crazy things we do in the name of fashion, paying for holes in our jeans might top the list."

I totally agreed with them, but again, I confess that I hate and love this trend. Since I don't have skinny legs and butt, it's kinda hard to find a pair of ripped jeans that fits properly and make me look good. I tried some throughout the summer, but wasn't happy about the outcome, until this one. It's a boyfriend cut with high waist fit. The ripped holes are positioned at the right spots that actually made me look somehow skinner.

paired the white ripped jeans with a knit sweater tank top and a platform wedge for a weekend look. BBQ at the garden for #labordayweekend? 

Another "chill" look for fall

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