{outfit Solution} Sporty Glam Set

{outfit Solution} Sporty Glam Set

Do you ever feel lazy about putting up an outfit before going out? Most of the time, I want to dress casually but not sloppy. That sounds easy but it's actually quite difficult. And that's why I'm happy to find this stripe set where I can brainlessly put them on, slide in my mules, and go. 

你会不会经常站在衣柜前不知道要穿什么?我最烦恼的是找休闲的衣服搭配但又不想穿的太随便。 这种搭配其实还蛮难的。所以我很高兴找到这个套装,不用想搭配,休闲,舒服,又方便,穿上就可以走人。

Fall is here, you can also layer with a sleeveless trench coat. 

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