{Travel} China-Beijing, The Great Wall

{Travel} China-Beijing, The Great Wall
Great Wall at JinShangLing

Great Wall at Jinshanling, Beijing, China 

Located in Hebei Province, this is the least visited and least spoiled of the Wall 
sections near Beijing. Jin Shan Ling is 10km (6 1/4 miles) east of 
Gu Bei Kou 
(Old Northern Pass), through which Qing royalty passed on the way to their 
summer retreat at Chengde (Jehol). Ironically, not that many Chinese people visit this part of great wall, most of them go to a polished one called Ba Da Ling located in Beijing City. But it's almost impossible to get a photo without people in the background. So, I definitely prefer this one. Warning* most parts of JinShanLing are very steep without well constructed steps. You will need to use both hands and feet to climb! The good new is, there are quite a few locals waiting outside of the cable car to provide carrying service. It cost about 100RMB for one to carry your backpack and guide you through parts the great wall. Their English are limited. 


Jinshanling also serves as one of the few sections of the 
Great Wall on which you can camp overnight. A starry night here is a 
gorgeous and unforgettable—go with a tour group such as Cycle China. Don't 
forget to pack a piece of charcoal and paper to make rubbings of bricks that 
still bare the stamp of the date they were made.


There is only one restaurant in JinShanLing, called Mr. Duan's Restaurant, as shown in the pictures below. He opened both a restaurant and gallery that displays and sells his own photography works of JinShanLing one next to each other. It's kinda poetic how he manages his business; generations of his family lived in the area, and he opened a restaurant so that he can go up the mountain and take pics of the great wall whenever he wants while having a financial income on the side. He's also a member of Beijing‘s Photographer Association. I'm very lucky to have me accompany me for this trip! Please visit him if you decide to go to JinShanLing sometimes. 

金山岭这只有一家餐馆叫段先生饭店。我叫他小段哥哥。 除了经营饭店意外,他自己的画廊就在饭店旁边。画廊只卖自己的拍摄作品,他只拍金山岭。我觉得他这样的经营方式很浪漫,因为他可以无时无刻看见变天就上山去采景,拍些别人看不到的金山岭。小段是北京摄影家协会的一员。很高兴他这次陪我上山拍照! 

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