{Outfits} Wedding Guest Outfits

{Outfits} Wedding Guest Outfits
"What Do I wear to a wedding?" 

"What Do I wear to a wedding?" 

Once upon a time weddings were a big affair of the heart, but a simple occasion to plan. After saying yes, all a girl had to do was book the church, wait for summer, wear white and say 'I do'.

That was then - now, an engaged girl is quite literally spoilt for choice with year round nuptials, venues covering stately homes to sand dunes and dresses ranging from discreet to decadent. In short, tradition is out, anything goes. Great news for the bride - but where does that leave the guest? Well, depends on the venues, themes, and many other factors, rule of thumbs is to avoid pants, white dresses, too little fabrics, and the list can go on and on...

Below are what I picked for a friend's wedding in California LA, outdoor in day time. And I also include a few other dress options for you. As summer approaches, I'm sure lots of you are attending at least one wedding this year. I hope you will find one that fits! 

Beach & Boho: 

While weddings were once a formal affair, it is becoming increasingly popular to forgo trafition and embrace the carefree- with fashion falling in line. Tropical beaches are now becoming the wedding destination of choice, allowing the ceremony to boast a bohemian look and feel.

City & Modern

A city wedding is the perfect chance to go all out and dress to impress. Think chic and tailored and you're well on your way to true guest glamour.

Country &Vintage 

Ever since vintage fashion enjoyed something of a style resurgence a few years back, it appears that bygone chic is very much here to stay.

The beauty of a country wedding is that there really is no better place to channel quintessential British style, than in an English country garden...

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