{Travel} Spring Break in Lace and pastel

{Travel} Spring Break in Lace and pastel
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I finally started to understand why people move back to west coast after living in New York for some years. I think it's all about the weather. This winter in NY seems ridiculously long, while it's still 40 something in the big apple this past weekend, LA people is enjoying 80 something with clear sky and heart warming sunshine. I came back to my home town for a little escape, and I have to say, I LOVE the fact that I can pack light and wear short stuff for spring!

photo by Mom <3

The combo of lace and pastel is romantic and feminine. And it's fun to pair the soft floral lace top with a pastel leather skirt. 

This place is Griffith Observatory, the views are great in every angles! You can either hike up here or drive. It's also a perfect spot if you want a good picture with the Hollywood sign! 

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