{NYFW} Halloween Costumes for fashionistas

{NYFW} Halloween Costumes for fashionistas

Who said you have to play a conventional character on Halloween? You can totally DIY a costume from your closet. Why not be CoCo Chanel, or karl Lagerfeld, or even play Kim Kardashian and Kanye West :P

For girls who love vintage looks or particularly interested in fashion of specific era should find Halloween the best holiday! You can finally dress the look you want but can't in real life, such as flappers from the 20s, the "New Look" from the 50s, Mary Quant’s mini-shirt from the 60s, Hippie style from 70s, and power dressing in the 80s. I always wish I am born in the 20s and 50s. 

Want to be a fashion themed style icon? Here are 10 fashion-themed costume ideas to try this Halloween.  

For more last minute costume ideas, here are step by step styling tips for little black dress Halloween Costume ideas.

Have fun Dressing up!  


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