{Outfits} The Kimono jacke

{Outfits} The Kimono jacke

 Texas ----->  Mexico -----> SoCal

I traveled in SoCal, Austin and Mexico in the past 2 weeks, and it was very liberating; there was an adventure in red light district in Mexico with my parents, a restaurant tasting week in Socal with life time friends, and a heart warming trip to Austin with deers running around my hotel, waiting a ridiculous line for barbecues and Amazing TexMex.

These 3 places were still hot in October, so I packed light with mostly summer stuff. But i was wrong. It was CHILLY at night..so I ended up shopping in Forever21 looking for a temporary jacket that will keep me warm throughout my trip until I get back to NYC. Surprisingly, this kimono jacket looks great with everything I had in my suitcase. It's such a good piece at a cheap price. 


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