Things to do: 

  1. Bio bay, Vieques sports the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.
  2. Rent a Jeep, drive like a man in the dirt road. It's so much fun. 
  3. The Blue Beach, this place is like heaven to earth. We snorkeled all the way from the beach to the little island in the middle of the Caribbean sea. And wow, the water was calm and the underwater world was simply breathtaking!! I was really tempted to grab the sea urchin n just eat it in the ocean...if that's legal? Here is a list of beaches in Vieques you should check out if you can.
  4. Air Flamenco: Though you can take a ferry to go from San Juan to Vieques, but I don't recommend that. We tried and we ended up waiting for the ferry from 1pm-8pm. Long story short, don't sail, fly please! I took the Air Flamenco, and it was great, the view was totally worth the $40 sth charge.
  5. Vieques Adventure company will get you covered.